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25th April
written by Chris

Image Credit: Guillermo (via flickr)

It is time for Nephandus to change… again.

I registered when I was in college.  Since then it has been a flat HTML page, a Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash application, a custom PHP driven web-application, a PHP/Fusebox web application, and a Zend PHP web application.  In that time I’ve gone from being a student of History at the University of Virginia to a  software developer at VirPack in Blacksburg, VA with stops along the way at Radford University (it turns out no one will pay you to have just one degree in History), Fingertip Marketing, BearingPoint, Sitevision, and Coral Networks.

Each new job or university has brought a change to the site as I’ve learned or sought to learn new technologies and techniques.

Much as I enjoy tinkering with my own custom application, however, the technology that surrounds blogging on the web has long since outstripped both my ability to keep pace and the spare time I have to undertake such efforts.   They say that “good programmers write good code; great programmers steal  great code” and so, I’ve turned to WordPress to handle Nephandus.

Maybe I’ll have more time to write about code now that I’m writing less of it.

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