written by Chris

Most people who come to this site already know me but I’ll assume you don’t.  My name is Christopher Thomas; I’m a software developer and political blogger living in South Western Virginia.  It’s a quiet part of the world but it certainly has its charms.

If you’re looking for my political writings you should check out my Newsvine column or my column over at True/Slant.  Newsvine is really more about discussion while True/Slant feels like more of a formal publishing environment.  I cross publish most everything, so you won’t miss anything if you only look at one.

Since that niche is nice and filled, Nephandus will likely serve as a repository of other ruminations.  Social News seems to have cast me as a political writer and while I’m glad for my following in that world, I sometimes find myself longing for the freedom to write other things.  That’s where Nephandus comes in.

What you’ll find here will be far less formal than my writings on Newsvine and True/Slant and likely a great deal less political.  40 hours of my week  are spent writing code, after all, and I have a few choice words to say about that.

Stay tuned!