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15th October
written by Chris

Dropbox, if you for some reason haven’t heard of them, provides cloud storage which syncs files between the various computers that you might own/operate.  I, for example, have a desktop, a laptop, and another desktop at work.  If I want a given file or directory to be available on all three I simply put it into my Dropbox folder and it magically syncs to the other systems.  It’s rather brilliant.

Signing up for Dropbox gets you 5GB of such synced storage to start with, which is pretty decent, but if you want more you can either pay them or participate in one of their seemingly innumerable little sign-up drives to get more space.  I never seem to qualify for those but recently was informed that they’ve started one for folks who sign up on University campuses.

I, as it turns out, still have access to an email address from my days at Radford, so I tossed that one through Dropbox’s entry form and, lo and behold, I got 3GB of additional space.  What’s more, Dropbox informed me that if I sent others to that page I would get an additional 500MB for everyone who signed up. (more…)