written by Chris

Christopher M. Thomas

1295 Sherwood Dr, Christiansburg VA  |  540.808.2782


Communication is important and difficult.  I want to change the way that we talk and think about software development by improving the way we communicate fundamentally digital and inorganic ideas in organic ways.  Along the way I want to continue to broaden my technological vocabulary and hone my own communications skills while helping others do the same.

Technical Experience

Senior Software Engineer: FoxGuard Solutions

  • Built a continuously deployed, test-driven, C#/MVC web scaffold
  • Hired and oversaw a team of developers working in SCRUM on a critical infrastructure project funded through the US Department of Energy
  • Established code and quality standards and collaborated to create inter-departmental career ladders to facilitate professional development and career mobility

Sr. C# Developer: VirPack

  • Managed a development team which transitioned a major web product from WebForms to MVC while significantly expanding product functionality.
  • Introduced and developed standards and agile inspired best practices for code maintainability, testability, and extensibility while facilitating the automation of upgrade and testing procedures.
  • Mentored new developers and launched a professional development program to improve software design methodologies.

Web Development Lead: Coral Network Inc

  • Developed and architected J2EE websites and web services within the Spring framework
  • Web development using Spring, Hibernate, Maven, and AppFuse
  • Database design and development in MySQL; unit testing with JMock and JUnit

Sr Web Developer: SiteVision Inc

  • Independently developed numerous custom web applications and design projects
  • Developed with ColdFusion in the Fusebox framework with MSSQL/MySQL/SQL-Lite database integration; extensive use of JSON and XML messaging for asynchronous processes
  • Early mobile development with Windows Mobile and Google Gears

Technology Consultant: BearingPoint Inc

  • Developed high security applications for US Government clients
  • ColdFusion application development in the Fusebox framework with MS-SQL Database integration; heavy use of database triggers and procedures
  • US Government “Secret” Security Clearance

Sr. Web Developer: Fingertip Marketing LLC.

  • Built “Cingo,” one of the largest PHP/Fusebox applications in the wild today
  • PHP Application Development in the Fusebox framework with MySQL Database integration
  • Early use/adoption of JSON and asynchronous web methods

Presentations and Publications

VTCRC Special Interest Group on Software Development

  • Spoke on applications of design patterns with specific attention to the Decorator pattern.
    • Presentation slides available here


Radford University

  • BS – Computer Science: 2003-2005
  • Honors: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Phi Kappa Phi, Upsilon Pi Epsilon

The University of Virginia

  • BA – History:  1997-2002

Technical Skills

  • Preferred Development Tools
    • C#/ : Continuous since 2009
    • MSSQL: Continuous since 2009
    • Test Driven Development: Continuous since 2011
    • WebServices: 2 Years
    • PHP (v4.3-  5.0) : 3-4 Years
    • MySQL (v5.0) : 5 Years
    • CSS: 5 Years
    • FuseBox (v4.2-5.5.1 in PHP and ColdFusion): 4 Years
    • MS-SQL: 6 Years
    • ColdFusion (v4-8): ~2 Years
    • Javascript: 6 Years (JQuery, AJAX, JSON etc)
    • Java: 3 Years

Writing Experience

Independent Columnist: Newsvine Inc

  • Provided the first national-scope coverage of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech shootings and with updates throughout the incident and community recovery.
  • Selected by Newsvine and MSNBC to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Independent Columnist: True/Slant Inc

  • Provided political and media analysis of national stories

Awards, Appearances, and Recognition

  • Wall Street Journal: Named one of the “Wizards of Buzz” in the Journal’s exposé on social media.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation: Source on social media perspectives pertaining to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.
  • Software Industry Association of America: Participated in a round-table on the role of citizen editors in media.
  • MSNBC: Advised on online expectations for the October 2007 Democratic Primary Debate.