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22nd February
written by Chris

picard-facepalmThus is the danger of over-automating your life.  I long-ago configured to bundle up messages from my hosting provider as well as several of the services and plugins I use on this site.  I check messages…. occasionally, but not often.  As a result, I missed several notifications: that my account with a spam-comment filter service had lapsed, that my site was being moved into a suspended state by my hosting provider for excessive spam comments, and the replies to my inquiries to that some hosting provider about what happened to my site.

Mea Culpa.

So now we’re back up and running with a new and improved spam filter.

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13th December
written by Chris

Despite my somewhat lacksidasical updating of Nephandus, my tiny handful of posts has gathered some 1,288 comments, of which perhaps 5 – charitably – are actually worthwhile.

The others are spam. All of them. (more…)

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